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WTF Health gives you a glimpse of the future of healthcare by introducing you to the people who are going to change it. Jessica DaMassa, the emerging ‘It girl’ of health tech interviewing, chats it up with the ‘who’s who’ of the health innovation set.

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Meet the health tech startups, VC investors, innovators, and accelerators pushing bleeding edge tech and disruptive solutions into healthcare …and the insurance companies, pharmas, and hospital systems working to shepherd these new ideas into the ‘establishment’ in effort to fix it.


From AI, Big Data, and blockchain to AR/VR, digital therapeutics, payment model innovation, health policy, and investing, Jessica helps you spot the trends and figure out what’s next…or, ‘What’s The Future?’ Health. Yes. That’s really what the acronym means. 😉 


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Todd Park is known for being excited, but THIS TIME the co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Devoted Health is excited that it’s the 10th Anniversary of Health Datapalooza, a gathering and initiative he had a hand in creating when he served Barak Obama as the Chief Technology Officer of the United States. What else is energizing Todd? How about value-based payment finally taking hold and the opportunities that’s opening up for payment model innovation and that will allow the disruption of healthcare to achieve ‘escape velocity.’

One of the fastest growing chronic condition management companies in healthcare, Livongo just made some big new hires and minted a new category in health tech called "Applied Health Signals." What's this? Well, if your new health solution ties together devices, data science, coaching, and clinical management, YOU might be an Applied Health Signals company. CEO Glen Tullman walks us through the new concept, shares his insight on the good & bad of consumer tech companies heading into health... then explains the strategery behind changes to the company's C-suite and confronts the rumors I've been hearing about an IPO.

Google’s Verily has a $1Billion dollar investment fund and a nearly limitless talent pool of data scientists and engineers at the ready. So, how are they planning to invest in a better future for health? Luba Greenwood, Strategic Business Development & Corporate Ventures for Verily explains how the tech giant is thinking about the big data opportunity in healthcare – and, more importantly, what they see as their role in helping scale it in unprecedented ways. Where should other health tech investors place their bets, then? Luba’s previous successes investing in digital health and health technology while at Roche give her a unique perspective on the ‘state-of-play’ in healthcare investment...but has the game changed now that she’s in another league at Verily? Listen in to find out!

How do you scale up the distribution of technology in healthcare? Daniel Kraft, Chair of Medicine for Singularity University and Founder & Chair of Exponential Medicine talks about scaling-up and scaling-out the breakthrough technologies that already exist to improve health by better connecting them to the healthcare system and figuring out who's going to pay for them.

Jane Metcalfe founded Wired Magazine 25 years ago to talk about the tech revolution. Today, her new publication, NEO.LIFE is reporting from the the front lines of the "Neobiological Revolution." From the most astounding developments in neuroscience, genome sequencing, and longevity to biohacking, synthetic biology, fertility, and human performance, NEO.LIFE covers the bleeding edge of health innovation. From that vantage point, we got Jane to weigh in on all the big how is today's health tech scene reminiscent of the burgeoning tech scene of the 90's? And, of course, why the f%$! are there still fax machines in hospitals?!

According to healthcare leader Toby Cosgrove, THIS is "the year of telehealth." Although Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic would rather use the phrase 'virtual care' to describe the space, he's pretty much on board with the idea that more consumers than ever will jump onto the virtual care bandwagon this year. How will Teladoc's partnership with CVS play a role? Any other acquisitions on the horizon? Gorevic gets real about what's impacting utilization rates and whether or not he's worried about Teladoc competing with Apple, Google, and Amazon. (Hint: He's not.)

How is Walmart leading the convergence of clinical care and retail? With global scale that allows for everyday low prices in every community, Walmart is innovating both the clinical and lifestyle sides of healthcare. From pharmacy, food, sporting goods, and more, Walmart is creating an ecosystem that is homebase for a healthy lifestyle. As the world’s biggest private health plan—with 1.4 million associates worldwide —Walmart is also expanding its associate wellbeing program by partnering with Fresh Tri, an innovative app that uses neuroscience to change behavior by offering practical suggestions, combating iterative thinking to meet specific goals.




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