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WTF Health - 'What's the Future' Health? is a new interview series hosted by Jessica DaMassa about the future of health and how we love to hate WTF is wrong with it right now.

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5 Mar – 9 Mar 2018 / Las Vegas USA


Jam-packed with insights on the world's healthcare innovation climate. Unity talks macrotends shaping startups, healthcare investment changes (approx. 1:45), consumer tech companies coming in (3:45), and where all the hot new startups are focusing (5:20). Must watch his breakdown of the international opportunity for health innovation with detail on which parts of the world are good at what (7:30).
Ted talks blockchain in health. Best Part: On what blockchain does NOT do..."it doesn't make unicorns cough up $100 bills" (approx. 7 min mark.) Plus...why we need to look at blockchain as an 'enablement platform' that augments, not 'rips and replaces'...predictions for the future as tech giants move in...and how blockchain will be the next evolution of enterprise computing.
START-UP SPOTLIGHT. Eight years into it, Julie talks about how Kyruus is helping health systems fight for business. What's cool? Not just their 'intelligent routing engine' but what Julie has to say about the risk of AI applications big-picture in healthcare (2:30 mark.)



(19 other geniuses to see)

Too lazy to click to YouTube? Fine. Here's who else was interviewed: The Exponentially Wonderful Daniel Kraft / uber Health’s Lauren Steingold / #pinksocks Founder Nick Atkins @HIMSS18 / Telehealth Rising Star Jamey Edwards of Cloudbreak Health / AI Start-Up CEO Meghan Gaffney Buck of VEDA Data Solutions / HealthTech Women LA Hub Director Susan Williams / Mr. Empathy aka Michael Joseph of Prime Dimensions / Podcast King Dan Kendall of Digital Health Today / ‘AI Guy’ Jim Golden from PwC / ‘Unstructured Data Guy’ Simon Beaulah of Linguamatics /