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WTF Health - 'What's the Future' Health? is a new interview series hosted by Jessica DaMassa about the future of health and how we love to hate WTF is wrong with it right now.

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Mario Schlosser, co-founder & CEO of Oscar Health, talks about health plan innovation amid the deterioration of the ACA and his plans for Oscar's latest $165M round. His goal: make the payer "an interface and enabler of new kinds of technologies." Around 4:30 minute mark we see if he's been tapped for advice from Berkshire Hathaway/Amazon/JP Morgan as they take on their own challenges disrupting health insurance.

Ted talks blockchain in health. Best Part: On what blockchain does NOT do..."it doesn't make unicorns cough up $100 bills" (approx. 7 min mark.) Plus...why we need to look at blockchain as an 'enablement platform' that augments, not 'rips and replaces'...predictions for the future as tech giants move in...and how blockchain will be the next evolution of enterprise computing.

Jason talks about the inevitability of telehealth and Teledoc being ‘a-quisitive’ as of late. What is of interest to the ‘virtual care platform’? Solutions that address virtual care access points (i.e. Alexa), NLP stuff, and remote monitoring, particularly for chronic condition management. Other cool news: Teledoc is working with the country’s biggest health plans and provider systems to redefine benefit design so virtual care becomes our first stop in the healthcare system and referrals are more intelligent. Listen in on the details about their project with CVS for how truly game-changing this is gonna be. Three words: VIRTUAL Minute Clinic.




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