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Trenor Williams

One of the most exciting things is the link between social risk and PMP, or per-member-per-month, cost...”
— Trenor Williams, Socially Determined

How can understanding the underlying social risks impacting patient populations improve health outcomes AND save health plans some serious per-member-per-month costs?

As healthcare continues to realize it’s ‘data play’ – and look beyond the typical data sets available to healthcare companies – the opportunities for real and meaningful impact are tremendous. Listen in to hear more about what Dr. Trenor Williams sees as the new business opportunity for Social Determinants of Health.

Filmed at AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Nashville, TN, December 2018.

uber Health

Uber has played a big role in the on-demand mentality that a lot of people have, and I think that the more that healthcare can think about patients as consumers, the better.
— Lauren Steingold

What did it take for tech giant uber to get into healthcare? Lauren Steingold from uber Health talks about how uber is hoping to contribute to the transformation of healthcare with their HIPAA compliant ride scheduling and sharing program. Any advice for others looking to launch consumer-friendly tech into healthcare? Listen in on her *FREE* completely disruptive idea for healthcare companies to steal at the 3:30 mark.

Glen Tullman

Look there are a lot of people talking about innovation. But, you’ve got to be out there, and you have to make it happen at scale… and that’s what people have trouble doing.
— Glen Tullman

Advice for health tech startups from someone who should know. Glen Tullman is CEO of Livongo, a healthcare IT startup that rang in 2018 with a $105M mega-round raised internally among its current pool of investors at two-and-a-half times the company’s previous valuation. What can you learn from Glen’s story about how to scale? Find out his plans for using his new funding to fuel Livongo’s growth and expand out from diabetes management into other aspects of health. As the guy who took Allscripts to a wildly successful IPO, Glen talks to about being ready to go public and whether or not startups should 'build' for their exit. 

Nightingale Health

We provide over 200 biomarkers – so over 50xs more data than the current cholesterol test – and we can do it at the same price level.
— Kristiina Tolvanen

Today's cholesterol test is about to be disrupted. Finnish startup, Nightingale Health has developed a blood test that collects 50 times more biomarker data than that old test -- and they're offering it to labs at the same price point. 

Already the new test is boasting a 20% better prediction rate for diabetes and cardiovascular disease than the traditional test, with more work being done with research institutions and universities to build that evidence base.

The company is working off a $30M round but what's next as they look expand out of Europe and open labs in the US and Asian markets? Hint: They're looking to expand the understanding of the biomarkers their test provides by analyzing 500,000 blood samples from the UK Biobank. Listen in then find out more at