health innovation


We’re building a hub-and-spoke model
— Stephen Konya, Together.Health

Will Together.Health be the organizing body that finally helps health innovation get its #%&! together? Stephen Konya & Nick Dougherty think so. And they’ve managed to convince 40+ different partners from across the ecosystem -- including the gov't, consumer tech co's, & almost every major digital health accelerator/incubator in the country -- to join in. Listen into my chat with Stephen to find out where Together.Health plans to start and whether or not you need to jump on the bandwagon too.

Filmed at HIMSS19 in Orlando, Florida, February 2019.

Casey Quinlan

The real revolution that I’d like to start is the ‘If you’re selling my data, cut me in” movement.
— Casey Quinlan

One of health's most outspoken patient advocates and Twitter voices @mightycasey, podcaster Casey Quinlan of Mighty Casey Media talks about her patient journey as a cancer survivor -- and why the awful experience led her to tattoo a QR code linking to her electronic medical record to her chest.

The 'physical political protest' is tied to her passionate views about the lack of data liquidity in healthcare and how patients suffer as a result. The 'gun-slinger' is looking for others to join her new "If You're Selling My Health Data, Cut Me In" Movement and weighs in on why more patients aren't clamoring after their health data to push real change in the healthcare system.