Social Determinants of Health

Trenor Williams

One of the most exciting things is the link between social risk and PMP, or per-member-per-month, cost...”
— Trenor Williams, Socially Determined

How can understanding the underlying social risks impacting patient populations improve health outcomes AND save health plans some serious per-member-per-month costs?

As healthcare continues to realize it’s ‘data play’ – and look beyond the typical data sets available to healthcare companies – the opportunities for real and meaningful impact are tremendous. Listen in to hear more about what Dr. Trenor Williams sees as the new business opportunity for Social Determinants of Health.

Filmed at AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum in Nashville, TN, December 2018.

Lena Wen

Ask, ‘what do you need?’ Don’t come to us with a solution when the problem that you’ve identified is different from ours.
— Lena Wen

Baltimore City Health Commissioner, Lena Wen, talks about how the city is using data to take on -- and prevent -- public health problems like infant mortality and falls among seniors. Her team is collaborating with an extensive network of organizations across government, the health system, and the private sector to squash health crises exacerbated by socioeconomic conditions. Her best advice when collaborating with large health organizations? Pick a 'North Star' to follow.