Digital Health

Nightingale Health

We provide over 200 biomarkers – so over 50xs more data than the current cholesterol test – and we can do it at the same price level.
— Kristiina Tolvanen

Today's cholesterol test is about to be disrupted. Finnish startup, Nightingale Health has developed a blood test that collects 50 times more biomarker data than that old test -- and they're offering it to labs at the same price point. 

Already the new test is boasting a 20% better prediction rate for diabetes and cardiovascular disease than the traditional test, with more work being done with research institutions and universities to build that evidence base.

The company is working off a $30M round but what's next as they look expand out of Europe and open labs in the US and Asian markets? Hint: They're looking to expand the understanding of the biomarkers their test provides by analyzing 500,000 blood samples from the UK Biobank. Listen in then find out more at 

Susannah Fox

This is the generation that we all really need to learn from because they’re using social media and digital tools in ways that are creative...
— Susannah Fox

Susannah Fox, former Chief Technology Officer for the US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) talks about the latest research project she's working on - a survey that seeks to understand how 14-22 year old's use digital health and social media as tools for improving their well-being. Output from her data is expected to not only inform our understanding of the emerging trend of 'peer-to-peer health' but how adults can learn 'best practices' for using social media from a generation that has never lived without it.