Rasu Shrestha

This is about us saying, look, healthcare shouldn’t just be limited to the bricks-and-mortar hospitals that we’ve known it to be…but really healthcare should happen where consumers eat, work, live, and play.
— Rasu Shrestha

If you’re in healthcare, you need to understand the ‘consumer health movement’ and how it’s going to basically change everything about the business of care delivery. Lucky for us, Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer of health-system/payer-system giant UPMC can break it down.

The macroeconomics of shifting risk from insurers to providers and consumers…check. Business model implications…check. Tips to avoid BAD business model implications…check. How the ‘free the data’ movement (which is calling for more open access between patients and their medical record information) feeds into all this…yeah, he covers that too AND talks about the kinds of startups he’s hoping will help usher in this new era of healthcare.