Matthew Holt

The sorts of technologies that have transformed almost every other industry haven’t really made it into healthcare yet…
— Matthew Holt

‘S.M.A.C.K Health’ is the term Matthew Holt coined for the emerging healthcare sector that is trying to bring new technologies like…

Social platforms and sensors

Mobile platforms

Analytics / big data

Cloudbased storage and

Kindness (or patient-centerd design)

…into the health system.

Matthew’s just launched a startup advisory service — of course called S.M.A.C.K. Health — to help entrepreneurs figure out how to do business in healthcare and win. Leveraging his 20+ years of health industry know-how (and contacts!), founders can more or less ‘fast-track’ their way to understanding how to sell into the health system.

Listen in for extra reassurance that his career is not ‘crashing and burning’ now that he’s sold the Health 2.0 conference he co-founded to HIMSS. In fact, his future is extra bright. He’s becoming YouTube-famous with a 2 minute Q&A show called ‘Health in 2 Point 00’ that breaks down all the big headlines in health tech for The Health Care Blog